About TinqSpace

At TinqSpace, we are all about innovation.

We explore innovative ideas to solve problems in education, technology and entertainment.

Our primary passion is towards improving standard of education by making learning interesting.

Our vision is a world where people are able to learn anything because they enjoy learning.

Our mission is to use technology and content creation in entertainment to make education interesting for students. We also work with other organisations to align their products and services towards advancement of quality education.

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about education, from all works of life. We are medical doctors, physicists, engineers, scientists and most importantly, we are innovators.

Our Works

We started out as Brainfield Memory Club in 2004; the first memory club in Africa.
In 2009, we organised the first Brainfair in the world, to launch our learning technology. The keynote speaker at this event was Dr. Ben Carson.
In 2010, we launched I-KNOW GAMES, a Facebook game to help people enjoy learning in a social setting.
In 2011, we launched SMART 'n' SOCIABLE, a social experiment to test social intelligence.
In 2012, we created STORYPAD, a learning tool for student to read faster and understand easily.
In 2013, we created TINQPAD, a compact version of STORYPAD.
In 2014, we launched SKOLASHIP, a systematic approach to direct marketing through micro funding of education.
In 2015, we have created READLLY, a mobile learning platform to help anybody enjoy learning anything.
Also in 2015, our idea of solving the global challenge of Advanced Personalised Learning was selected as one of finalists at Kuwait Global Technopreneurship Challenge, sponsored by the Kuwait College of Engineering and General Electrics.
In 2016, we are launching our new project called GLASS, a gamified learning assistant that motivates you to learn by turning your books to games.
In 2017, we launched a Cryptocurrency project called BlogCoin. BlogCoin is a digital currency that's designed to decentralize education technologies and make them more accessible in Africa.
In 2018, we are working on BrainQuest, the first memory gameshow on TV, The gameshow is designed to identify, select, train and sponsor those who would be representing Africa at memory competitions around the world.

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